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17 May 2012 @ 08:15 am
Untitled Puckurt/QAF Fic  
Title: untitled for now
Author: saar_fantasy
Fandom(s): Glee and QAF
Pairings: Puckurt, unrequited Sam/Puck, Sam/Ben (from QAF), Faberry, Brittana
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~2.100
Warnings: m/m sex, three-somes, angst, mentions of HIV and cancer
Disclaimer: I don't own these people in real life. I know...It's very sad.
Summary: Queer as Folk (the US version) rewritten in Puckurt version. Puck is Brian (Duh!), Kurt is Justin, Sam is Michael (because I love the Brikey and the Spuck bromance). Quinn and Rachel are Melanie and Lindsay (Quinn would be a better Mel than Rachel I think, so yes, Rachel will be pregnant of Gus). Santana and Brittany will kind of play the role of Ted and Emmett, but a little differently :p

A/N: My inspiration for a title is completely down. If anyone can think of a fitting title, please, let me know. :)

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