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18 August 2012 @ 03:50 am
fic: It's In the Vows  
Title:It's In the Vows
Pairings: Quinn/Puck, implied Jesse/Quinn, Brittany/Santana, Finn/Rachel, more as the story progresses.
Rating: T
Words: 5,003
Spoilers: None for the series but major ones for the movie The Vow.
Summary: Quinn and Puck are in an accident, and she doesn't remember who she is.

Disclaimer: The characters of glee do not belong to me. Neither does The Vow or anything else that is known to be someone else's. So, I saw this movie, and I could totes see Puck and Quinn in the couples' places. So this is it. The start of my Quick fic The Vow style. Hope you like!

It's In the Vows

By Julia

They were just coming out of the theater. The snow was coming down hard. Quinn Puckerman was bundled up and snuggled up against her husband. They had just seen a Broadway play. It had been a new Sondheim musical. Quinn had liked it. Puck, or Noah, as was his given name, had seemed to be on the fence. But he had seemed to enjoy being with her. That made Quinn happy. She cuddled closer, the wind was really cold. She was so happy that they'd taken the time to go out and do something. Soon, others had come out too. They went down a block or so until they found their car. Puck started it up, while Quinn got inside. Puck was working on cleaning the snow off. Puck smiled at her as he cleaned the snow off the windshield. Quinn was shivering inside while the car warmed up. "That's good enough!" She told him, smiling. She wanted him to get in the car with her. She was so glad that she'd talked him out of the motorcycle he'd wanted. That would have been too dangerous.

After he'd gotten the windshield clear, he got into the car with her. Puck turned on the radio, and started carefully down the street. There was a lot of snow on the ground. It was going to make travelling a bit treacherous. It was beautiful though. They both had misgivings about the snow, but it was beautiful. They both loved their life in New York. Quinn couldn't keep the smile off her face as they started down the street slowly. Puck was singing along with the radio. The song playing was It's My Life, by Bon Jovi. "It's my life, it's now or never." He sang.

Giggling, Quinn looked at him. "You and that song." She said, as he made a face at her. She loved him so much. She couldn't imagine being with anyone else. They had been together for six years now. Quinn had been bowled over the first time she'd seen him. She gave him a smile. "You sing so great, though, baby. Why don't you produce your own stuff?" Sh asked, and not for the first time. Puck had his own record company. Quinn loved Puck's voice. She also loved the music he'd written. He played it sometimes when he thought that she wasn't listening.

Puck laughed a little. "Oh, come on, babe. You know that that is not going to happen." Puck loved his music, but he wasn't ready for the world to know his music yet. He wanted to keep it to himself a bit longer. Puck knew that Quinn had been listening to him play his music. He thought that it was great that she wanted him to play his own stuff. He loved Quinn period. Puck had not been able to imagine his life before her since. Puck thought he was the luckiest man on the planet. He thought that he'd done something good in his life to get to have Quinn now. He reached to tickle her. She laughed and he smiled. "You're so cute." He told her.

Quinn giggled some more. "Yeah, you're not so bad yourself." She looked at him with a big smile on her face. They pulled to a stop at a stop light. They never saw the big rig coming. It hit them from behind, and Puck was just knocked out in his seat but Quinn was catapulted out of her seat and through the windshield.

When Puck woke up, he was okay. Just some shallow cuts. He went to see how Quinn was. The doctors tried to stop him but he was unconcerned about what they had to say. Puck needed to see her and talk to her. She was in the ER in the bed right next to him as it turned out. That was helpful. She was asleep or whatever, because her eyes were closed. Puck's eyes brushed with tears. He wasn't going to be able to go on without her. She had to wake up. While he was standing there, a doctor came up. Puck turned to her. "What... when is my wife going to wake up?"

The doctor seemed to think about this for a minute. Then she finally said, "Your wife has sustained major brain trauma, and sometimes we purposefully keep patients with those kinds of traumas in comas. So they can repair their wounds more easily." She touched Puck's arm. "She should be waking up soon, though." She added.

His breathing came a little faster. Puck didn't know how Quinn was going to be after she woke up. "Will... will she remember me? You said she had major brain trauma." He was very afraid of hearing the answer. What if it was no? Puck definitely was not prepared for that to happen. He was holding onto the end of Quinn's bed, trying to relax. He was gripping it so hard his knuckles were turning white. He couldn't take his eyes off her. He was afraid of what might happen if he did.

The doctor hated to burst his bubble. He seemed to be really excited about her getting better. Not to mention, she could tell that he loved her. She sighed slowly. "That is a possibility. I'm sorry to let you down like that. But there's a big chance she won't."

That was a blow to Puck's heart. He stared at her for a minute. That was completely the answer that he didn't want to hear. Puck forced himself to stand there and wait until she woke up. He didn't even know how he could live with himself if he left. He would have been very regretful if he had left. Puck pulled a chair up to Quinn's bed. He took one of her hands in his. She was beautiful. He squeezed her hand tightly. "I'm... I need you to wake up, baby." He told her. Puck hated this.

It took a little while, but she did wake up. Puck was asleep at her side when she did. He was so nervous and he hoped that she remembered him. Quinn stared at him for a minute before she looked at the doctor. "Where am I?" She asked, and pulled her hand from Puck's. Quinn didn't know who he was and she was nervous.

The doctor explained to her what had happened. Puck could only look in disbelief. He had never actually believed that she would forget him. "We've known each other since college." He said, looking at her. He did his best not to sound as if he was hurt. Puck knew it wasn't her fault. She was hurt.

Quinn turned her attention to him. Her eyes were brimming with tears. She looked at him. "I just don't remember you. Should I?" Puck was struck by how beautiful her hazel eyes were. They'd always been the best ones he'd ever seen. Very expressive.

Puck looked at her. "I'm your husband." He told her. "We've been married for six years now." He told her. Puck didn't know how they were going to get through this. Puck didn't want to lose her. He knew that it was a huge possibility. Especially if Quinn never got her memories back.

Quinn shook her head. "The last thing I remember is being in high school." She said, looking at her ring. She didn't remember anyone putting it on her finger. She was nervous. What if she didn't like him? He was a virtual stranger to her now. She didn't know what else to say. Plus he looked crushed. She didn't know if she could just go home with him when she didn't really know him. Even if she was supposed to. She did feel sorry for him, it wasn't his fault that she didn't remember. Quinn actually wished that she hadn't put that look on his face.

That made him look at his lap. He didn't know what to say. It was his worst nightmare. His wife didn't remember their life together. Puck didn't know if he could handle this. He just wasn't prepared for this. He said, "We've been married for six years. And we've known each other for ten." They had met on the first day of college, surprisingly. Puck had known she was the one for him as soon as he had seen her. Quinn had told him that she had felt the same way. It had touched him.

Quinn looked at him. "I wish that I remembered that. I am sure that I married you for some reason." Quinn wasn't sure that she believed him, but really what reason would he have to lie? She kept herself at a distance from him, however because she didn't know him and didn't want to give him false hope. Quinn remembered being in high school and dating Jesse St. James. She'd loved him a lot. They'd been engaged. She had been looking forward to being his wife. She didn't remember breaking up and marrying this man.

That was when Puck got up. "Okay. I can't do this. I have to go but I'll be back tomorrow." He needed to go and wrap his mind around this. It was almost too much to take. He wanted to kiss her but he didn't. He went and left the hospital. Puck didn't know what he was going to do. His own wife didn't remember him. That was the worst thing that could have happened. Puck didn't know how he was supposed to help her. He hated the whole situation. There had to be a way out of this. He couldn't just give up on her, Quinn would never give up on him if the roles were reversed. She loved him.

The following day, Puck got showered and dressed and went back to the hospital. He was supposed to take her home today. Puck wanted to take her home. He knew that as soon as she got back to her life that she would have a greater chance of remembering who she was. That was all Puck wanted. He just wanted his wife back.

When he got up to Quinn's room, their friends were already there. Puck was a bit taken aback. "Um, hi." He said. Two of their friends, Brittany Pierce and Santana Lopez, were standing by her bed, fussing. Quinn looked a little freaked out. Puck looked to the Latina. "Santana, Quinn looks completely freaked out. She doesn't remember you." He went to the bed. He looked to Quinn. "Quinn, these are two of our friends. They're together and they have two children."

Lifting her hazel eyes on him, she actually gave him a relieved smile. "Thanks." She said. "They just came in and started talking... I didn't know what to do." She sighed. Quinn still looked beautiful, and Puck felt a rush of love for her. He stroked her hand with his thumb. Quinn looked up at him. "The... the doctor said I get to go home today." She seemed to be waiting for him to confirm or deny this.

Nodding, Puck said, "Yes. I am going to take you home." Puck didn't know how that was going to go. If she was going to freak out. "Are you... have they discharged you yet?" He asked, feeling like crap because he didn't know. He should know.

Quinn nodded. "They wouldn't let me go until someone came to bring me home." Her voice was quiet. She was looking at Puck with fear and confusion. Quinn was looking at the clothes Santana was holding out. "Are those really mine?" She asked, looking a little freaked out.

Santana looked at her. "Yeah. These are yours. We stopped at your apartment first." She looked at Puck. Santana supposed she hadn't guessed how badly Quinn's injuries were. She almost didn't know how to help. Santana and Puck were close. They'd gone to high school together. They had dated off and on and had had sex. Santana loved Puck a lot. He had even provided the sperm for her and Brittany's babies so they didn't have to pay money and go to a clinic. He meant a lot to her. Santana handed the clothes to her gorgeous blonde wife and grabbed Puck's arm. "Come and talk to me in the hall." She whispered.

Puck looked at her in surprise. "Um, okay." He walked out into the hall with Santana. He didn't know what she wanted to talk about. He looked at her, waiting for Santana to start talking. He put his hands on his hips.

Santana looked at him. "Puck, what are you going to do? She... how much does she remember?" She asked him. Her eyes were bright. Santana hated this. She felt like she could start crying at any moment. And she knew that that wasn't going to help Puck or Quinn. She had to be supportive and crap. Puck was her best friend. Outside of Brittany. She ran her hands in her hair, working on trying to calm down.

Puck looked back at her. His whiskey colored eyes were wide, he was so close to freaking out too. Puck took a deep breath. "She said that the last thing she remembers is high school. She was dating that guy St. James in high school." Tears filled his eyes. Santana took one of his hands in hers, and squeezed it. Puck looked into her eyes. "My wife doesn't remember me." Tears were falling down his cheeks. Santana's hand squeezed harder. Puck wiped his face with his fee hand. "I have loved her for ten years, and she doesn't remember me. Do you know how much that hurts?" He asked her.

Santana looked at him. She stepped closer, and gave him a hug. She held him tight until his cries were sniffles. She backed up to look at him. "Puck, I know that this is hard. I know that you hate this. But this is the hard part. This is the part where it's the sickness and health. You can't leave now. You have to stay and be there for her. You have to stick by her." Santana's voice was not as strong as she would have wanted.

Puck nodded. He let out a breath. He looked down at her. He was only a couple of inches taller than her. He said, "What if it was Brittany? I'm not saying I want to walk away. And your wife didn't know who you were? What would you do?"

That was a question that Santana was not sure she could answer. She looked at him. "You know, I would feel the same way you do." She tore her gaze away long enough to look at her wife, who was talking and helping Quinn get dressed. She nodded. "I would not know what to do." Santana turned back to him. "You have every right to freak out. She just, she needs you. She needs you to show her who she is because she doesn't remember. You get to make her fall in love with you all over again. That's the way you have to look at it. Otherwise, it is daunting and devastating."

Puck nodded. He took a deep breath. "Okay. I think I can go back in there now." He squeezed Santana's hand and then went back into his wife's room. "Okay. So the doctor said no driving so I am going to take you home."

Quinn ran a hand through her long blonde hair. She looked up at him. She was wearing a black skirt that was very flowy, and she had on a simple scooped neck pink tee. She had stepped into black ballet flats. Quinn looked at him. Her face was scared. Quinn didn't know this man. She knew she was supposed to be his wife. She knew that. But she didn't remember him. She wished she did, but she didn't. Quinn didn't want to go with him. Quinn looked at him. "I... I don't know you." She said.

Closing his eyes, Puck worked at trying not to get upset. He knew that it wasn't her fault that she didn't remember him. Puck looked at her. "I know you don't. I'm Noah Puckerman, I am your husband. I met you on the first day of college. You were so hot, and I never thought that a girl like you would be into a poor guy from Lima. You were wearing skinny jeans and a very great looking blouse that you assured me was very fashionable. Then I asked you for your name, and you asked me fo mine, and after we got all moved in to our dorms, we went out for pizza. And beer. And after that we were inseperable." He was working hard not to cry by this part.

She listened to all of that. She looked at Santana. The Latina nodded. She didn't know what to do or say. Quinn could tell that this man loved her. Quinn could tell that he wanted her to remember. Quinn just didn't. "I still don't know you! I know you want me to remember, but I don't. Do I have to go home with you? Because I should go with someone I know."

"The doctor said you'd recover easier if you get back into your routine. And being with me is your routine." Puck said, trying to keep himself composed. He didn't want to argue with her about any of it. He just wanted her to come home with him, and not call that St. James character.

Santana looked as if she wanted to speak up but was not sure what to suggest. She didn't want Quinn to go with that Jesse guy if they could help it.

That's when there was a knock on the door, and Finn and Rachel Hudson came in. They'd been high school friends with Puck and Santana. They'd all been a bit iffy with Rachel, but they'd accepted her for Finn. They came father into the room. Finn smiled briefly at Puck, and Rachel looked as if she wanted to say something to Quinn. Quinn was looking very unapproachable. She looked back at Puck, after she had half smiled at the newcomers. "You can't expect me to go home with you." She said, shaking her head. Quinn knew it was important to him. She was just very nervous. Quinn was worried. "Did you... did you bring proof?" She asked.

That broke Puck's heart. He hated that his wife asked him if he had proof that they were married. "I have proof at the house." He said, letting out a powerful sigh. Puck didn't like this at all. He looked at her and sighed again. "Please. The doctor says this is the best way."

Quinn still seemed a bit reluctant, but she finally agreed. "Alright." She looked at the others. "How do I know you?" She asked Finn and Rachel.

Finn decided to field that one. "I went to high school with Puck and Santana, and so did my wife Rachel." He said, as he gestured to Rachel, who still looked a bit freaked out to talk to Quinn.

Quinn nodded, absorbing the information. She was entirely baggled and out of her element. She looked at Puck. "Are we ready to go?" She wasn't sure what was going on. She was not ready to see what was in store for her. In any case, they were ready to leave.

The ride back to the house was quiet. Quinn was quiet mostly because she didn't know what to say. The other two couples were following them in their cars, to help them get her settled in. She was a bit overwhelmed as they got to the apartment. There was a large group of people there when they got home. She was very surprised. Puck had not told her that there was going to be a lot of people. As soon as they had gotten further into the apartment, people started trying to tell her how she knew them. Quinn had to be a rude guest and excuse herself and go into the bedroom she guessed she shared with Noah. Quinn had decided she ws going to call him by his given name. She didn't get the calling him by Puck because she didn't have her memories. Quinn wasn't sure how they were going to manage this.

When the group had dispersed. Puck went to the bedroom. He wanted to apologize to her. He hadn't meant for there to be so many people at the house. He was sure that it was all Santana's doing. He knew that she hadn't meant for it to be crazy as it ended up being. Puck knew that he was going to have to take the heat for it. Puck supposed he could. He knew his battle was going to be uphill with her as it was. Puck went up to her. "I'm sorry... I know that that was probably a lot to take in." Puck said hastily.

Quinn didn't turn to him. She kept her face away from him. "How do you think that helped? Because I can tell you that it didn't help at all." She was trying not to yell at him. She knew that he hadn't meant to overwhelm her. Quinn was trying to do as he wanted, to try and get her memories back, and that meant trying to get along with him. Quinn toyed with her long blonde hair. It was in loose waves. Santana had done it for her at the hospital that morning. "I know that you're trying so hard. I do. But you can't do things like that anymore. It was TOO MUCH." She ended up shouting.

Puck managed to hold in his sigh. He knew that he should apologize. It was just having a hard time leaving his lips. Puck finally managed, and he said, "I'm sorry, Quinnie. I didn't mean to hurt you." He reached out to touch her arm.

Yanking his arm off of her, she shook her head. Quinn inclined her head towards him. "Will you please just go? Leave me alone for the night." Quinn's voice was still a bit stern. She still wished that she had called Jesse. Gotten him to agree to help her figure out what had gone on between them. She wanted to see him again. She did not know Noah and she was very uncomfortable. Quinn hoped that he would do as she asked.

That hurt. It hurt more than Puck wanted to admit. He turned to her. "I'm sorry... Santana was in charge of everyone being invited... I'm just so sorry."

"Are you seriously not going to leave me alone right now?!" She asked, as she turned in the computer chair to fully face him. She was crying. Not a lot, but there were a few tears dripping off her chin.

Puck sighed, and instead of brushing the tears off her face like he wanted, he got up and went to sleep on the couch. Already he hated this. Already it was the worst thing to happen all year. The year had barely started. Puck didn't know how to get her to see that all he wanted to do was help her, and it was tearing at his heart. The next day had to be better. It just did.

The next morning, he got up and headed into the bathroom. It was off the bedroom, and Quinn was in her underwear by the shelves on the wall, trying to pick out some clothes. She was surprised when he came by. Puck also slept naked, so she also gasped. "Oh! What are you doing?" She asked.

Puck turned to look at her. "I'm going to the bathroom." He replied, shrugging.

Quinn looked at him. "Well, why didn't you knock?" She asked, holding a sweater in front of her. She was trying to cover herself up.

Shrugging, Puck said, "Never have before, and it's not like you haven't seen it before." He wasn't sure what had made him come in without a thing on. He had just been going on autopilot. And he'd had to pee.

Quinn looked at him. "Well, it's different now. You have to knock now." She said, averting her eyes.

Puck nodded as he ducked into the bathroom, apologizing loudly. He closed the door, and went to the bathroom. Then he started the water for the shower. He hoped that Quinn had dressed, and then went to pick out some clothes. He had to go to work today. It had been a few days, of course. Finding the bedroom empty, he got some clothes and went back into the bathroom.

When he got finished, he went into the kitchen. Quinn was eating breakfast. She had some bacon and eggs on a plate. She also had a cup of coffee in front of her. Puck went to cut up some fruit for breakfast. They usually had some fruit. Puck started cutting up a peach. "Sorry again about before. He said, glancing at her. He was surprised to see her eating her breakfast, she didn't usually eat such a heavy meal in the morning. Just fruit and some cottage cheese. But it was okay, she could eat what she wanted.

When he spoke to her, she tried not to cringe. Quinn knew she was supposed to be trying to get to know him. She was still a little shaken about what had happened a little bit was still unsure about any of this. She took a bite of her bacon. It was really good. She watched him cutting up fruit. She wondered if that was something they did every day. It seemed to be. She said, "It's... I mean... you probably weren't thinking. It's okay."

Puck hated this. It felt like his own wife was a stranger. It was not pleasant. He said, "Okay. I've got to go to work today. But you can't drive so you can hang out here or call Santana, and she'll take you anywhere you want to go." He knew she wouldn't do that. Puck could tell that she wasn't sure about Santana either. That he understood, he loved Santana but she could be a bit abrasive sometimes.

Grabbing another piece of bacon, Quinn replied, "Okay. What do I normally do while I'm... at home?" She asked, looking towards him. She honestly wasn't sure at all what she had filled her days with, and she needed a suggestion about what to do that day. It was going to be long and boring if she didn't find something to do.

That he thought about. He wanted to tell her about her fashion designing, but he didn't want her to react at all negative about it. Puck knew that in high school, Quinn had just been into cheering and being popular. She had told him that besides Jesse and glee club, her crowning achievement was winning prom queen two years in a row. That had surprised him, it was very different from the Quinn he knew. He didn't know the best way to approach anything with her. He knew that he'd have to find some way to do it though, or she'd call that Jesse guy. That was the last thing he wanted. "Well, you have a job. You work in fashion design. You have a studio where you work on your designs." Puck said to her. He hoped she'd accept that and just go on and finish her breakfast without mocking or anything negative. He didn't want to hear anyhing negative.

Quinn thought about this for a second. She had never imagined that she would be a fashion designer. That seemed interesting. She guessed she had taken classes in college. Quinn gave him a very confused but interested look. "I work in fashion design? That's something I never pictured." She said, shaking her head.

Her reaction wasn't so bad. That gave him some hope. He nodded as he cut up some apples. Puck replied, "Yeah. You're actually starting to get pretty well known. You have a spring line coming out that you're working on right now." Puck wondered if she'd be able to work on it anytime soon. He doubted it. She seemed to be nothing at all like the Quinn he knew.

This he pondered for a moment as she finished up her breakfast. "Oh wow." Was all she said. Puck sat down with the finished fruit. She took a piece of apple without thinking. She didn't know if she could actually draw. Let alone have a line of clothes. She wasn't sure she could keep doing that. Quinn was more concerned about why she wasn't still with Jesse. She wondered if he was in the city. She finished her coffee. "You said you're going to work. What do you do?" She inquired.

Puck looked at her. He ate a few pieces of fruit. He replied, "I'm a music producer. I own my own record company." Puck just had a passion for music. He really loved getting music out to the masses. Especially music that wasn't anything but real instruments. He liked his job a lot. Puck missed Quinn telling him that he should produce his own music. It had always felt so good when she'd complimented him like that. Puck ate some more and got up, grabbing a Mountain Dew. "So I'm going to get going. You... take care." He finished, and left the house without kissing her goodbye. That had never happened. That felt wrong.

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